When You Know You’ve Done Too Much Modding


I admit I have quite the perverted mind. Perhaps too perverted for a sane woman. Though I never liked talking about sex as openly and casually as the French. I have had few conversations around the matter with my partner and sometimes closest friends – usually after some few shots of Tequila and lots and lots of Bourbon Cola.

I watches porn, it is not a secret. Everybody watch porn. Admit it. And sometimes I like to read Hentai Manga (because reasons?). ‘Tis a good source of inspiration, you know. You’ll be surprised (or not) to find lots of new things you could try to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about porn. Well, not really, no. I’m here to shamefully share this dirty thing I just discovered. About my favourite game. *sigh* shame on me!

I have just discovered the magic of modding games. Since I got my computer fixed, I’ve been playing most of my games on the PC now – thank’s to Humble Bundle for filling up my Steam library. It started out from just modding Mass Effect 2 to make it look prettier and to fix Miranda’s Face. What in the Maker’s name is wrong with Miranda’s face?! But then I got carried away to modding Dragon Age Origins too. Mostly to mod that stupid Fade sequence. No one likes the Fade, Bioware! But then I found this list of what other mods I should Install for Dragon Age. There was the enhance texture mod, extra dog companion slot, and so on. And then there’s the relationship mods which includes “Improved Romance Scenes”, “Better Sex Cutscene”, “Realistic Natural Boobies”, “More Options at the Pearl”, oh Maker, If you’re so very curious jut click here. And then the next thing I knew Instead of wearing my underpants underneath all those armor, I would just be naked and I could have orgies with all the main characters in the game.

I feel so dirty…

I can’t even look at myself in the mirror…

Shame on me…

You know, I did always want to have some kind of interactive Sex Sim game (because of the pervert I am). I just did not think that I could change my favourite RPG game into a sex simulator game.

Ah, my sweet Nightingale. Forgive me for defiling your beautiful, beautiful character. You may shiv me in my sleep. I think I deserve that. May the Maker have mercy on me.

“Warden, you pervert!”

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