Quick update!

I haven’t been writing in so long! How could I?!

I’ve been distracted and unmotivated. Witcher 3 has been taking most of my time and then Neverwinter for a little bit (until I accidentally spent 80k Astral Diamonds that I’ve been saving to get a better Vorpal enchantment or a greater mark of potency, to auto-finish a stupid hire extra merc for my leadership profession). I think that’s goodbye to Neverwinter for a while.

And then ESO came out. I WAS TOOOORRRNNNN~ when they announced ESO for the first time (which was like one and a half year ago), I was so pumped. I even pre-ordered the massive collector’s edition with the massive statue from MightyApe. And then they delayed the console release. For more than a year. I lost all my hype.

I wanted ESO to be more like Skyrim, but I know it is not. I heard lots of people was so pumped about it thinking that it was gonna be like Skyrim. I wanted to get it but I’m not willing to spend another $120 on a game that I know is not going to be what I want to be.

And so I ended up getting Skyrim on my PC thank’s to Steam summer sale, along with a whole bunch of other games which if you sum up will be about $120 as well. HA!

Yeah, so now I’m gonna be busy with Skyrim… and Fallout:NV… and Witcher 3 on Blood and Broken Bones (since I’ve given up on Death March! after dying 10 times by a Gargoyle’s 1 hit kill)



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