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I’m Commander Shepard and This is My Favourite Asari on the Galaxy (Mass Effect Spoiler ahead)

“All those little blue children will be disappointed I didn’t have a speech.”
That line gets me every time. One moment, I need to go to a corner and cry like a little child.

Liara is such a great character in Mass Effect. I adore her. I saw her transform from an innocent child Asari Prothean Scientist into a strong willed master of secrets who can destroy the universe in a snap of a finger.

It seems I have a soft spot for masters of secrets…

It was not really a hard choice pick Liara as a romance partner on my first Mass Effect playthrough. She was the only woman option for a female Shepard; Well, technically she is not really a woman, Asari are genderless. Mass Effect 1 and 2 did not have a gay romance partner option unlike Dragon age (Woohoo, Leliana!). I guess I’m lucky I’m a girl and the game devs decided to portray Asari to have feminine features.

I was not big on the idea of romancing a blue alien girl thing at first, but as the story grew and the characters evolve, I began to like her. Love her, even.

It filled me with sadness when I knew Liara was not going to be on my team in Mass Effect 2. Visiting her on Illium was the only thing I could do while I prepare for my suicide mission. That Liara on Illium was not the same Asari scientist that I had rescued from a Prothean ruin years before. She had changed. She was cold.

She could not join me back on the Normandy. She was on a hunt for the Shadow Broker. I offered to help and she sent me running around Illium hacking terminals. Because when the almighty Commander Shepard who just rose up from the dead shows up in front of you, you do not ask her to shoot some Batarians or Vorchas in the head, you ask her to hack terminals. Thank’s Liara.

We eventually found the Shadow Broker’s trail. He knew Liara was hunting for him and sent an Asari Spectre to kill her. The bitch was persistent, but she was no match for the great Commander Shepard and her lover, Dr T’Soni, with a little help from Kasumi.

The next stage of our adventure was the most interesting mission I’ve ever done. I never expected to be running around on the exterior of the Shadow Broker’s ship while it was flying inside a storm cloud. I was glad that our magboots were strong. Being blown off while running around on the exterior of a flying ship was not an ideal way to die (even for the second time). I did enjoy our fights with the Shadow Broker’s hired mercs. Liara would use singularity and it would lift the mercs off the surface of the ship and sent them off flying with a loud panicked “Aaaarrrghh!”. It gave me joy. Is it wrong that it gave me joy?

Finally, we confronted the Shadow Broker, turned out he was a Yagh. Terrifying beast, that one. He looked a  bit like that ugly monster statue I saw in Hock’s vault. We killed him in a fight that involved lots of dodging and punching, freed Liara’s friend and Liara took over as the new Shadow Broker. That was quite a lot to swallow at the time.

We parted ways and I went on my suicide mission, which, againts all oods, turned out successful with all my team members alive.

And then the Alliance grounded me because I worked with Cerberus and… I also blew up a whole Batarian system. To save us from the Reapers, of course! Why would no one believe me!!!

When the Reapers finally came, none of us were prepared. I wanted to write “I TOLD YOU SO” on everyone’s forehead. Except for Anderson and my crew, of course. They totally believed me.

I had to leave earth to try and unite the galaxy. I had no idea how one person was suppose to do that. But Liara came and joined me. She was once again by my side and everything felt easier. And we did it. We united the galaxy to strike againts the Reapers.

“All those little blue children will be disappointed I didn’t have a speech,” She said minutes before we struck a final blow against the Reapers. I remembered our little talk in my cabin after she took over the Shadow Broker’s ship and all. We talked about the past and we talked about the future. Our future. Settling down, little blue babies, I could use that life.

Sadly that dream had to remain just a dream.

One moment, I need to go back to my corner and cry again.

Ugh… How did this post ended up as a throwback to my days of Mass Effect? I just wanted to show my creation. I made a cross stitch of Liara. It was an exciting piece. I thought it would be a simple one, but it took me almost two months to finish. I could say that I’m proud of myself for being able to produce such beautiful thing.

week 2wpid-img_20150425_014114.jpg


Pixel art #001


I’ve always wanted to learn more about pixel art. I thought it was simple. I’ve never been so wrong.
So this is my very first pixel art. It’s a picture of my partner, Rhys. He’s chubby and got long hair. He looks a bit like Peter Jackson. ❤(ӦvӦ。)