The dreams had become more and more treacherous each day. She dreams of demons, haunting, hunting her in the dark. She runs a never ending path, stumbling, tripping, trying not to lose balance. When she finally ran out of breath, she could only turn and see arms, reaching towards her from the darkness. She wanted to scream, but her words were stuck in her throat, choking her with fear.

She knew it was just a dream. But dreaming was different to her than to any ordinary person. When she dreams she walks in the realms of spirits and demons. Her soul shines bright, attracting spirits and sorts like moths. Spirits are fine. It was demons she should shield herself against. She knew it, yet she does not know how.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Sweat rolled down her forehead. She could see the demon’s face now. Shapeless face, holey red eyes, and its grin, showing all its sharp teeth. She was to be its meal tonight and it will take over her body, creating an abomination in the waking world.

Her sight started to blur, she started hyperventilating. She had always been able to escape the nightmares before. They were extremely strenuous, but she managed, and she wakes up on the other side, bed soaked in sweat.

Wake up!

The mantra usually worked.

She lifted her left arm, now fifty times heavier than it should, and with the energy she had left, she bit down hard. Her teeth sunk into the flesh, blood started pouring. The pain was real. She cringed, yet kept her teeth burrowed inside the flesh. She bit again harder, adding more pain to what was already there. She hoped it would be enough to pull her out of the dream.

For Fuck sake, WAKE UP!

She woke up with a loud gasp for air. Her sheets, again, soaked with sweat. She was back, finally. She sat up and slowly brought her breathing back into a calm rhythm. When she moved her left arm, she flinched as pain stung through her forearm. She lifted her fur blanket and revealed a giant bruise on her forearm. It was where she bit her arm in the dream, but there were no bite mark, just a very large and painful bruise.

She sighed. “I guess I’ll have to report this to him.”