I am Sworn to Carry Your Burden!

When my boyfriend introduced me to Skyrim, I fell in love with it right away. I played it on his Xbox 360 and my first character was a Khajiit. I found being a humanoid cat very intriguing.

This was like 2 years after the actual game was released. I actually heard lots of good stuff about the game from my friends on the first years of its release. But back then, my computer wouldn’t be strong enough to run the game and I did not have my ps3 yet. I heard memes about Skyrim; all the Fus Ro Dah thing and the arrow to the knee.

The first thing I did when I got to the first town in Skyrim was admire how cool the world looks and then I saw a chicken and swung my dagger through it. Boy, how I was not a wise Khajiit. I immediately got a bounty on my head and the whole town pulled their pitchforks out and charged after me. Having no idea what’s going on, I panicked and run while occasionally swung my daggers around to keep the peasants away. *hiss* My boyfriend who was sitting next to me burst into laughter as I confusedly running in all direction trying to not get killed.


When I inevitably died, my boyfriend told me that I couldn’t just run around killing animals. The people wold get angry. And that made me love the game more. I was fairly new to the gaming world back then, I have never encountered such game mechanics. I was fascinated. It was such a whole new world for me!

The second thing I learned was sneaking up on people and steal their things from their dining table or dresser. I started sneaking and stealing all the things. I’m not even kidding. ALL THE THINGS. And for some reason, I started hoarding cabbages. I DON’T KNOW WHY!tumblr_mqiw9hHfc51swngw9o3_500

When they announced The Legendary Edititon, I immediately pre-ordered it for my PS3. When it came out, I disappeared from reality for about a week.

There were so many things I love about the game. The vast open world was one thing. The dragon battles were absolutely amazing. Every time the music started playing when I was just running around looking for dungeons to delve in, I squee like a cat getting one of those fancy wet cat food in its bowl.

After spending hundreds of hours just playing Skyrim, my boyfriend told me to give Dragon Age a try and that time I would just tell him to shut up and went back to Skyrim. By Andraste, how I was so wrong to ignore him.

And now I worship Dragon Age and Bioware as if they were the purpose of my life. And I’m a proud Andrastian as well, just to piss religious people off.

“But Andraste is not real! She’s just a made up story from your stupid game!”

pfftt… yeah, right.

Anyway, back to Skyrim! I am currently enjoying Skyrim again on my PC. This time with hundreds of mods installed. I’m surpried that my computer can take it at all. Good work, Morrigan. Yes, I named my computer Morrigan cuz she’s moody as hell. I’m sure one of these days she would just not run Skyrim at all just because reasons. And then started shutting down by herself while I’m in the middle doing stuff. Or not turning on at all.

Oh, I’ll find a way to turn you on, Morrigan. Just watch me! Leliana, come here!

wait… what ..?!

Ehm… anyway

I got a few mods… Mostly texture enhancing mods. Added a few bit and bobs like hunger, thirst and rested mod, companion tweaking mod that allows me to have more than one companion at a time, so I can have like a Dragon Age party, and lastly, a mod that would let me have sex… with my partner… and other NPCs… *shamefully stares at the carpet*


In other news, I made a comic!


I made a new character! (Instead of my usual Talia Wilde character). She actually has a loooooooong back story that I’m currently writing as a Dragon Age fan fiction. I got it all in my head and so far I have written nothing more than half a page. I should get back to that.





you’re welcome.

She’s so pretty when she’s not all dark and grim under that hood.
So, I finally have a non-scary picture of our beloved spymaster.

Inquisition Nightmare Mode Tips

How does one survive Dragon Age: Inquisition on Nightmare Mode?


You’ll need skill, luck, and… Bees.
Yep, you heard me, BEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!


Demons? BEES!
Bandits? BEES!
Apostates? BEES!
Rogue Templars? BEES!
Vints? BEES!
Dragons? BEES!
Coryphenis? BEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEESSSssss!!!

If I could fill all three of my potion slots with just bees, I’d swallow those bees to restore my health.

That’s all for today’s gaming tips~ *like I write gaming tips anyway*
*gently caresses the jar of bees*

When You Know You’ve Done Too Much Modding


I admit I have quite the perverted mind. Perhaps too perverted for a sane woman. Though I never liked talking about sex as openly and casually as the French. I have had few conversations around the matter with my partner and sometimes closest friends – usually after some few shots of Tequila and lots and lots of Bourbon Cola.

I watches porn, it is not a secret. Everybody watch porn. Admit it. And sometimes I like to read Hentai Manga (because reasons?). ‘Tis a good source of inspiration, you know. You’ll be surprised (or not) to find lots of new things you could try to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about porn. Well, not really, no. I’m here to shamefully share this dirty thing I just discovered. About my favourite game. *sigh* shame on me!

I have just discovered the magic of modding games. Since I got my computer fixed, I’ve been playing most of my games on the PC now – thank’s to Humble Bundle for filling up my Steam library. It started out from just modding Mass Effect 2 to make it look prettier and to fix Miranda’s Face. What in the Maker’s name is wrong with Miranda’s face?! But then I got carried away to modding Dragon Age Origins too. Mostly to mod that stupid Fade sequence. No one likes the Fade, Bioware! But then I found this list of what other mods I should Install for Dragon Age. There was the enhance texture mod, extra dog companion slot, and so on. And then there’s the relationship mods which includes “Improved Romance Scenes”, “Better Sex Cutscene”, “Realistic Natural Boobies”, “More Options at the Pearl”, oh Maker, If you’re so very curious jut click here. And then the next thing I knew Instead of wearing my underpants underneath all those armor, I would just be naked and I could have orgies with all the main characters in the game.

I feel so dirty…

I can’t even look at myself in the mirror…

Shame on me…

You know, I did always want to have some kind of interactive Sex Sim game (because of the pervert I am). I just did not think that I could change my favourite RPG game into a sex simulator game.

Ah, my sweet Nightingale. Forgive me for defiling your beautiful, beautiful character. You may shiv me in my sleep. I think I deserve that. May the Maker have mercy on me.

“Warden, you pervert!”